Small Footprint

…and Eco-Friendly

The brief was to use the north facing one acre block of land to build an eco-friendly, stabilised rammed earth home. To use as small a footprint as possible, and to build with sustainability in mind.

The two bedroom home is eco-friendly, and sustainable. The Rammed Earth walls are aesthetically beautiful, and have thermal qualities that help maintain wonderful warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The house is energy efficient, resulting in lower running costs.

The house was both designed and built by Eco Sustainable Homes. With a clear budget given, the home was designed and built to fit into this.

The compact house is warmed with a wood heater, which has a wet jacket on its back, and is connected to the solar hot-water system on the roof. Also on the roof are SolarVenti panels which operate when the sun shines, sending warm air via ducts to the three main living areas, into the lounge, study and bedroom.

In summer, the windows scoop a through draft of cool air at night, lowering the temperate inside to a comfortable degree. Deciduous grape vine planted along the north walls, allow for cool outside sitting areas in summer, while allowing sun to flood through large north-facing windows in the winter.