Sustainable Tree Change

When Chris and Brona came to us, they were looking to make the tree change from Melbourne to regional Victoria. To them, designing with solar passive principles and utilising the thermal properties of rammed earth walls was of paramount importance, to enable natural and sustainable heating and cooling of their home.

Chris and Brona wanted their home to feel at-one with the landscape, taking advantage of their country property views and bring the outside environment into their home. This was achieved through the natural textures and tones of the rammed earth walls, and by including expansive windows in all living areas on the north to open up their home.

It was also important to Chris and Brona that their home be unique, not your typical rectangle. Their final design was able to encompass the contemporary feel they were after, with rooms and living spaces offset, creating both outdoor living spaces and areas of light and shadow, which gives their house character. While the skillion roof adds a modern feeling to their home, it also provides space for a 4KW reverse grid solar system, and 30 tube evacuated solar hot water system. The angling of the roof towards the north and its overhang provide shade to the house in summer and full penetration of the sun in winter, which will work with the rammed earth to naturally heat and cool their home.