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Specialist builders and designers of sustainable homes, extensions and renovations
Quality homes of timeless and unique beauty Custom designed to your site and requirements
Builders of solar passive, energy efficient, low maintenance homes since 1992
Rammed Earth Specialists Walls meet flame zone requirements in bushfire prone areas


About Eco Sustainable Homes

Eco Sustainable Homes are award winning Master Builders based in Central Victoria, we are passionate about sustainable house design and work with clients from concept to completion, to design and build their dream home. Our Eco Friendly homes are built to custom floor plans tailored to each client’s individual vision while maintaining sustainable design principles. They are timeless in beauty, environmentally sustainable and a pleasure to live in.

At Eco Sustainable Homes we incorporate many sustainable building materials into our designs, one such medium is Rammed Earth. We have been constructing Rammed Earth Walls for over 23 years with our sister company Rammed Earth Enterprises. Our knowledge and experience enable us to incorporate Rammed Earth walls to the maximum benefit where they will achieve unique aesthetics as well as utilise their solar passive functionality, fire resistant qualities up to flame zone BAL requirements, sound proofing and acoustics. In addition to its thermal properties, rammed earth is an excellent medium for feature walls, as they add unique natural textures and tones that suit all styles from traditional to contemporary.

We work with our clients to design their home from the early discussions and design brief to the site inspection and ongoing communication, to ensure each home not only works superbly with the environment in which it is built, but also that it is beautiful, affordable and functional.

Our focus is on client satisfaction, building quality homes and utilising environmental best practice.


Eco Sustainable homes offer a variety of services as outlined below:

Custom Building Design

Being passionate about sustainable building we are able to best achieve this when we work with our clients from the design phase. As Registered Builders we are able to design for the clients whose home we are building.

The building process is as follows:

  1. First meeting to discuss your priorities.
  2. Design Brief is sent for you to complete
  3. Design Contract outlining costs for each stage of design
  4. Site inspection
  5. Schematic is completed and any alterations required to it are made.
    • Development of this to send off for Town Planning if required.
  6. Design Development –fine tuning of design.
  7. Documentation, including specifications and all detail required for Building Permits

Building New Homes

We are registered builders.

Construction can be to full completion or to any stage of Completion, – such as Lock up.

We utilise our custom designed plans or your plans.

We utilise an online client communication system to ensure decisions and all communication is readily accessible.


Rammed Earth Walls

We are specialists in the construction of Rammed Earth walls through our sister company Rammed Earth Enterprises Pty Ltd, contracting to other registered builders, domestic and commercial as well as owner builders.

For Further details go to the Rammed Earth Enterprises Website.


The Design and Build stages of additions is the same as above for full houses, however we generally conduct the site inspection as the first step in the meeting/design process so we fully understand what is involved in the scope of works for the addition.

Features throughout all our services include both a high level of communication throughout the build and quality in construction.