To conserve, protect and where possible renew our natural environment is the core reason we strive to be Sustainable in the design and building of our homes. This will also ensure the home is comfortable all year round with minimal cost to the owner financially.

Each home is individually tailored, considering the local environmental features, conditions, geography and weather. These environmental factors are of vital importance to the achievement of our goal, ‘to create sustainable homes’.

There are many other factors that contribute to sustainability; overall though we work with the environment, to ensure that the impact of not only the building process, but also the houses ongoing effect on the environment is a positive one.

Each home we build, whilst being unique and individually designed, follows a set of principles which guide the designing process, these are covered in the following processes and considerations:

  • A site inspection before beginning design work is essential
  • Orientation to the North
  • Cross flow ventilation
  • Working with the flow of the land for minimal impact
  • Embodied energy of materials and products
  • Waste minimisation
  • Efficiency and longevity of Materials and products in the build
  • Energy usage and generation
  • Designed to achieve the best living environment for the occupants
  • Footprint to be the smallest to meet the required objectives

For further  information on the above points ensure you visit our blogging section, as we will be discussing them in more detail in the coming months.